The LOCAL at Parker: Jerky, jam & pies with Colorado ties!

Struggle to find unique gifts? You’re not alone! Thankfully EdgeRock’s asset transfer specialist and farmers market fiend, Rebecca, is a connoisseur of all things Colorado, craft, and collectible. She tells us about a hidden gem she’s recently discovered in Parker below.

Homegrown curios and delicacies

One day, while seeking relief from the hot summer sun, Rebecca and her fiancé accidentally stumbled upon their newest favorite gift shop: The LOCAL at Parker. “He and I go to farmers markets around the state every weekend when the weather allows, and the one in Parker is one of our favorites,” she says. And if you think every weekend is a bit of an exaggeration, we can assure you it’s not. Rebecca comes to work every Monday, without fail, and regales us with tales of new discoveries from an impression range of regional vendors. 

“The LOCAL has so many great products to choose from,” she says. “Everything you see just reminds you of someone you love, of something they might enjoy.”

Colorado Gifts: The LOCAL at Parker

The best part is that everything is exactly as it says: LOCAL! Their mission revolves around supporting unique local artisans and Colorado farmers. And while numerous area farmers markets. They also just happen to be the friendliest people you could hope to find, and that kind of service is invaluable when you’re looking for suggestions. Not sure what to get for a Mothers Day gift? A graduation? Your beloved dog’s birthday? The LOCAL’s staff has you covered.

Special Selection

There is no shortage of fascinating foodstuffs lining the shelves at The LOCAL—some of Rebecca’s favorites are the homemade pies, jams, and beef jerky—but if you’re looking to make a more lasting impression, they also offer an amazing selection of rustic and Colorado-inspired decorations.

“You can find a gift for literally anyone here!” Rebecca touts. “I sometimes struggle with picking out gifts for friends and family, but here my problem is having to choose between so many things. You can find little pieces of art featuring practically every town in the state!”

The LOCAL features locations in Parker, CO in just about the cutest building on Mainstreet and another in the Southlands shopping center in Aurora. They also host open-air markets in Castle Rock and the Stanley Marketplace in Denver.

Colorado Gifts: The LOCAL at Parker

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