Retirement Planning

We're unique.

Because you are.

No two families share the same financial situation.

Why settle for cookie cutter retirement planning?

Your path to retirement. One step at a time.



Our team can't build an EdgeRock Summit Plan until we know your goals. What are the causes you value? Who are the people you cherish? Before we ever discuss a financial account, we get to know what's important to you and how you plan to spend your time and earnings once you're done punching the clock.



Here's where we start to dive in. We will model various ways to position your savings, outline strategies for withdrawal, explore legacy planning, factor healthcare needs and Social Security, and account for expenses—both planned and unplanned. We're only done when you're fully confident with the strategy we build together.



So what is a Summit Plan, exactly? It's your entire financial strategy compiled in one clear, easy-to-read deliverable. But receiving your Summit Plan is still just the beginning. From the moment you join the EdgeRock family, our dedicated client services team goes to work ensuring you're ready for whatever comes next.

Turn anxiety into confidence with a retirement plan.

Lots of people have retirement accounts or a stock portfolio. What they don’t have is a strategy to turn those savings into a lasting and fulfilling retirement. That's where we come in.

How Do We Do It?


Minimize Tax Exposure

For many, a tax-deferred 401k or IRA is a ticking time bomb. We can help build a long-term withdrawal strategy outlining predictable income without unnecessary tax exposure.


Protect Against Market Volatility

Major market losses can derail a retirement. We actively manage client investments so that you don't have to.


Maximize Your Savings

You've worked all your life. Now it's time to enjoy what you've earned. We're here to give you the confidence to turn your savings into fulfilling experiences.


Create a

An EdgeRock Summit Plan is a complete strategy for income, healthcare, Social Security, legacy planning, and anything else that comes along.

From concern to confidence. An EdgeRock journey.

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