Colorado Pickle

Colorado’s Habanero Chunk Pickles: A Really Big Dill

Each month, EdgeRock employees highlight a new Colorado food or product to boast about. With this installment, we highlight a roadside jar of pickles that set our world on fire—both literally and figuratively!

Pickle My Fancy

Is there anywhere a pickle doesn’t belong? Aside from the dessert menu, we can’t rule anything  out. Pile some on a sandwich, zest up your deviled eggs, or shoot—eat ’em straight out the jar. (No judgments here.) If it isn’t obvious, we’re a fan of all things brined and preserved at EdgeRock, and boy, did we come across a jar of next-level cucumbers we just have to tell you about.

While driving home from running errands along South Parker Road, Marketing Designer, Niki, saw a large tent advertising everything from roasted chiles, salsas, and barbecue sauce. And while it was the barbecue sauce that convinced her to pull over, it was the habanero-infused pickles she brought home in the same haul that she’s been raving about ever since. It’s one of the top-selling products at the Roasted Chile tent according to its owners and we can see why. Eat bite is sweet, salty, and fiery enough to initially cause alarm before settling into a tolerable briny sizzle. They let you know you’re alive before setting you back down gently enough to enjoy everything else you’re eating.

Show Me What You’ve Got

If you’re not into pickles, Roasted Chile carries over 25 different jarred items like cobblers, habanero salsa, queso, BBQ sauces (another one of our favorites!), jellies, and many more!

Need a drink to wash down that spicy BBQ sauce? Try our refreshing Martini Basilica recipe.

Where To Find This Special Colorado Pickle

There are two main locations to get your fix from Roasted Chili:

16750 E Broncos Parkway, Centennial Colorado
1700 South Santa Fe drive, Denver Colorado
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