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EdgeRock Wealth Management offers complimentary consultations, either in-person (at our Denver Tech Center location), over the phone, or through interactive online meeting.

What happens during a consultation? We learn what's important to you and how you imagine putting your hard-earned savings to work. You learn about our values and why we've earned the trust of countless families facing retirement. If we can help you pursue your goals, we'll tell you how, and then schedule more time to begin designing your unique retirement strategy.

Call our office at 303.780.7350 or use the calendar to request a visit.

Take your retirement to the next level.

You’ve spent your entire career building the foundation for your retirement. Now it’s time to position your earnings to carry you through the next phase of life.

At EdgeRock, we don’t just manage a stock portfolio. We’re an independent fiduciary firm who develops custom retirement stratetgies unique to every client. Every EdgeRock Summit Plan® accounts for income needs, Social Security, taxation, healthcare expenses, and estate planning. But also the lifestyle you desire after you’re done punching the clock.

Want to learn how we’re different than other financial companies? Come visit our team. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.