Enstroms Toffee

Enstrom’s Toffee: 60 Years Of Sweet Sensations

The Office Discovers Enstrom’s Toffee

When Tyler O’Dell isn’t working with clients in his hometown of Grand Junction, he’s sending mouthwatering delights to the main Denver EdgeRock office. Over the holidays, he surprised the team with a luxury box labeled Enstrom’s Confectionary and, well—they were an instant hit.

The box alone is impressive, but when you take the top off to reveal the perfectly squared chocolates, you can’t help but gasp in delight. The crushed almond coating combined is an impressive presentation, and it’s nearly impossible to resist taking fewer than a couple at a time.

The History Of Enstrom’s Confectionary

Enstroms ToffeeThe company had quite a roller coaster in opening. In 1929, Chester K. “Chet” Enstrom and his wife, Vernie, opened their first ice cream shop with a salesman, Harry Jones, in 1929. As you can most likely guess, the Great Depression wasn’t an ideal time to start a new business. But after putting everything they had into their new venture, Enstrom’s needed to get creative to keep the doors open.

Luckily, Chet had prior experience in refrigeration engineering, so he put those skills to good use and became the refrigeration expert around the Grand Valley, allowing the Jones-Enstrom Ice Cream Company to prosper throughout the Great Depression.

Chet and Harry stayed in business together for 30 more years. In that time, Chet put his hobby of making candy to use, purchasing materials, making cream centers, and then teaching the delicate craft of tempering and hand-dipping chocolates to local housewives, gradually growing into a toffee and candy company and exploding in popularity during the ’60s.

Where To Get Enstrom’s Toffee

So hopefully you’re convinced enough to get your hands on these sugary treats. We’re glad you asked. You can have them shipped directly to your house instead of driving all the way to Grand Junction, and they will always arrive perfectly intact and delicious. We recommend the Almond Toffee Petites, but their website has all sorts of irresistible delicacies that will pique your interest.

Click here to visit their website and order the best toffee on the market.

Highly Rated Reviews:

“When my son was in the military he wanted me to send him some. I did and the next thing I knew I got a check to send about 10 orders for it. To his buddies that he shared it with.”

“We have been receiving this for Christmas gift for a few years and look forward to it every year. Love it so much I am gifting myself this year in addition to the one we receive”


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