Tax deductions are abundant, find out which ones apply to you!

Three Tax Deductions to Consider Before May 17

By Nikirana Hicks | April 16, 2021

Filing taxes: Annoying. Tax deductions? “We’re listening…” Doing taxes is a chore. One-third of Americans complain it’s too complicated—and they’re probably right. If you think about it, the IRS already knows how much you owe and it’s up to you to guess. If you get it right, you might get a refund. If you get…

Looking forward to a boosting post-pandemic economy

Glimpses at our post-pandemic, post-ARPA economy

By Ryan Murphy | March 19, 2021

Today marks a significant anniversary in the history of EdgeRock. Exactly one year ago, Kyle gathered our team around our conference room table and asked us to figure out how to work from home for the foreseeable future.  We had just spent three weeks pulling all the available levers on our client accounts to mitigate…

gamestop stimulus inflation

GameStop, Stimulus, and the Uncertain Threat of Inflation

By Ryan Murphy | February 17, 2021

GameStop might be the most interesting story in financial markets, but it’s far from being the most important.

Staying calm when the financial markets take a downturn

Are Financial Markets Becoming More Resilient?

By Ryan Murphy | January 14, 2021

By Ryan Murphy EdgeRock Director of Marketing It’s not easy being the words guy at a financial firm. While the numbers people are pouring through spreadsheets and calculating financial metrics with Greek variables I didn’t know were possible, I’m left consuming news stories and watching my retirement accounts go up and down like everyone else.…

401k up close

Let’s talk about the 401k

By Ryan Murphy | December 3, 2020

The 401(k) originally began as a company profit-sharing plan. That hasn’t proven to be the case for many workers.

Social Security cards

Social Security Updates: November 2020

By Nikirana Hicks | December 2, 2020

A new year brings new rules. Learn what you need to know.

Couple hugging on a beach

Will You Be Able To Afford In-Home, Long-Term Care?

By Ryan Murphy | November 3, 2020

More than 90% of America’s older adults prefer to “age in place” in their own homes rather than in a senior housing community or facility.1 With today’s insight into how a deadly pandemic can affect nursing homes — as of September 6, COVID-19 has claimed nearly 55,000 nursing home residents’ lives — this preference may…

2020 Federal Legislative and Administrative Rules Update

By Ryan Murphy | November 3, 2020

If you received a stimulus check last spring to help cope with the financial effects of the COVID-19 virus on your household, there’s something you should know. Those funds are technically an advance rebate of a special 2020 tax credit. Many taxpayers will be able to reconcile that rebate on their 2020 return to equal…

Man confused looking at the stock market

Fixed Income Amid Market Uncertainty

By Ryan Murphy | November 3, 2020

Early this year, many stopped spending and began saving money. This wasn’t difficult as many areas of the economy were — and possibly still are — shut down. For some, vacation plans were canceled, and the normal level of entertainment activities and dining out have been curbed. If you’ve remained employed, chances are good you’ve…

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