Recession Watch: Is a soft landing still possible?


Recession is a four-letter word in the world of finance. The superstitious won’t even utter it out loud, in fear they may accidentally conjure an evil spell. But right now, recession is on everyone’s minds and it’s important to address. Countless news sources and publications, after a series of Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, have…

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Your Next Denver Speakeasy Date Night

Denver speakeasy

Niki loves to discover speakeasies around the area, but one has easily climbed to the top of her list. A secret low-key Denver speakeasy, The Green Russell, has an ambiance geared to simulate an intimate and special experience, perfect for your next date. The Secret Spot Walking through Larimer Square, you may stumble across a…

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Scrumptious Summer Burgers

best summer burgers

Impress Your Friends With These Easy Summer Burgers Kelley O’Dell and her mom, Katie, adapted this recipe over time using different spices and beef types.  They recently added green chiles and now we are hooked and want to share this delicious discovery with everyone! These will impress your guests the next time you host friends…

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Jordan’s New CPWA Designation

cpwa designation

At EdgeRock, we’re very committed to getting better. Sometimes it’s taking golf lessons or salsa classes on the weekends, but most of the time? Our team is pushing hard to stay current in the world of finance and improve our skills on behalf of our clients. That’s why we’re glad to have Jordan around. Last…

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15 Tax Strategies You’re Overlooking

Tax Strategies

You think you’ve got all your tax strategies down. You’ve met with a tax preparer. You checked all the boxes in that *one software program* you open once every spring. So you’ve identified every possible tax write-off, right? Well, maybe not… 00:22 – Traditional IRA 00:31 – Roth IRA 00:57 – 401K 01:12 – Roth…

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